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Just so you know this is the final chapter but I hope you will enjoy it Anyway oh book 2 is coming soon

Chapter 3 (final Chapter)

Spike:*sigh* I guess I can give them a good luck *walks to the Twilight's castle*
MeanWhile at the horror attraction
RainBow: ow my head hurts
Apple: oh so sorry your head hurts
rainbow:what that's suppose to mean
Apple:it means your not the only one who is hurt
Pinkie:comon guys can't we just smile and some fun
Apple: Pinkie how can you have fun at a creepy dark place that we don't know of
Pinkie:just because it is creepy don't mean it is dangerous
SpringandGoldenFreddy:*makes a creepy Monster roaring sound*
Apple:yeah not dangerous
RainBow:if I can use some really awesome moves I bet I could beat up the monster but I haven't practice
Apple:*slaps hoof on face*
Twilight:this is what you sound like when you brag
Rainbow: Ow my ears SomePony make her STOP!!!
Twilight:now you understand how you feel when you brag
rainbow:hee hee right
Apple:well I hope they have apple trees around here cause I am gonna do some apple bucking *bangs head on grey wall with a checkered rim* What on tarnation
Twilight: looks like one of those old pizzeria type walls
RainBow:yeah we know           
End of page 13
beginning of page 14

Spring:*walks into the darkness stand near the ponies*
Pinkie:hey maybe we can ask this creepy happy metal pony where we are at he seems nice
Restoftheponies:*looks scared*
Spring:*breathes deeply*
Spring:WELCOME!To The FazBear Horror Attraction I hope you will stay with us
Ponies:*looks creeped out*
Rainbow:Wait a minute Fluttershy lets just listen and watch their moves ok
Rainbow: ok then
Spring:Now My Friend let me take you on our lovely tour around our lovely attraction Just don't get lost (or separated) Bad things could happen *evils laugh*
Flutter:what kind of bad things
Spring:Suprises my dear
Twilight:i do not trust him
Apple:me neither
*3 hours later of the tour*
Spring:and over is the animatronics partly I am part of the attraction
Pinkie: Did you say party
Spring:-.- no I said partly
Pinkie:i am pretty sure you said party
Rainbow:let's get out of here why we can
Apple:no we ain't
apple:You Heard the metal freak if we leave bad things will happen
Rainbow:he just Messing with us if you want stay here that is fine by me
Rainbow:*flies off* telling me I can't who are you
Golden:Just a friend *SCCCCRRREEEEAAMM*
Spring:looks like one of friends found our little friend *evils laugh*
Flutter:*flies off crying* I can't take this anymore
Apple:Fluttershy! *runs after her*
Few Minutes later
Rarity:well that just great 3 out of 6 is gone are you happy springtrap
Spring:*mumbles* (yes)
Rarity:What was that
Springtrap:nope a lot of bad things happen they should of follow the rules
Twilight: Ok Everypony before more bad things happen we should stick together no matter what

5 Hours later
Pinkie:i am bored there is no fun
Spring:alright everyone I will see you later you better stick together cause he always been here (SAVE THEM)
Rarity:face it were lost he left us alone and were all gonna DIE!!
Pinkie:well I am going to the kitchen and make some cupcakes
Rarity:*wisipher to twilight* just between you and me she knows she gonna die right
Twilight*Wispiher back* I think so
Rarity:do not worry twilight I will go with her
2 hours later
both Ponies:AHHHHHH!!!
Twilight:now it just me
Confetti: BAM!
Spring:congrats twilight your officially the new security guard
Spring:here is your office good luck you work for 12am to 6am oh the good luck your gonna need this is horror attraction after all
PonyAnimaTronics:Come Play With us and lets be friends
Spring:*evils laugh*
Spring:we did good brother
Golden:we Sure Did
Both:*evils laugh*


or so you think


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am From The FazBear Horror attraction I used to be in FredBear's Family Diner With Fredbear (Golden Freddy) and had fun and I was also not withered now I am here scaring the security guard and all withered and purple man was stuffed into me all you see from him is some guts eyes and some of his teeth and other body parts and I am anyone friend just because I look scary doesn't mean I am mean.


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